Feed Grade Choline Chloride Powder 67-48-1

  • CAS No.: 67-48-1
  • Type.: Feed Additives
  • Appearance: Yellow-brownish granule
  • Molecular Formula: C5H14ClNO
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Min Order Quantity: 25kg
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Items Standard Value Result
Characteristics Yellow-brownish granule Yellow-brownish granule
Content, % ≥70.0 70.3
Moisture, % ≤4.0 0.44
(R40/3,850 lam), Particle size (through  850µm sieve), %  
(CH3)3N, % ≤0.03 0.002
Heavy metal (as Pb), mg/kg ≤20 0.1
As, mg/kg ≤2 0.10
B1 (AFB1), μg /kg ≤20 1.30
(1) Choline chloride can prevent the accumulation of fat in livers and kidneys and avoid its pathological changes.
(2) Choline chloride can enhance the health of animals and to improve its ability to anti-illness.
(3) Choline chloride is used to increase the growth rate and laying rate to increase the survival rate of baby pig.
(4) Choline chloride can increase the growth and survival rate of fish and promote its propagation.
(5) Choline chloride can ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system of animals.
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