Benzyl Benzoate Manufacturer 120-51-4

  • CAS No.: 120-51-4
  • Type.: Flavors
  • Appearance: Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
  • Molecular Formula: C14H12O2
  • Shelf Life: -
  • Min Order Quantity: As requirements
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Items Specifications(USP32)
Appearance Colorless or pale yellow viscous transparent liquid
Purity(%) ≧99.0%
Acidity(ml,0.1N NaOH 2.0g) ≤0.2
Specific Gravity(20 °C, kg/ m3) 1118-1122
Refractive Index(ηD20) 1.568—1.570
Freezing Point(°C) ≥17.0
Moisture(%) ≤0.3
Sulphate Ash(%) ≤0.1
(1) Benzyl benzoate is mainly used in the area of textile auxiliary, fragrance and flavor, pharmacy, plasticizer and so on. 

(2) Benzyl benzoate can be used to lead agent, leveling agent and repair agent of textile auxiliaries. 

(3) Benzyl benzoate, as a topical solution, may be used as an antiparasitic insecticide to kill the mites responsible for the skin condition scabies.
(4) Fixative in fragrances to improve the stability and other characteristics of the main ingredients
(5) Food additive in artificial flavors[citation needed]
(6) Plasticizer in cellulose and other polymers
(7) Solvent for various chemical reactions
(8) Treatment for sweet itch in horses
(9) Treatment for scaly leg mites in chickens
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