Polydextrose Manufacture 68424-04-4

  • CAS No.: 68424-04-4
  • Type.: Preservative, Thickeners
  • Appearance: White crystalline powder
  • Molecular Formula: C12H22O11
  • Shelf Life: -
  • Min Order Quantity: -
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Items Specifications
Purity, % ≥ 99%
Acidity(ml,0.1N NaOH 2.0g) ≤0.2
Heavy metals ≤0.001%
Loss on drying ≤1.5%
Moisture ≤0.3%
Sulphate Ash ≤0.1%
(1) Filling agent: Polydextrose makes low-calorie foods have good taste and texture, and the effect is better than gum. It can be used in a large amount of foods such as chewing gum, frozen dessert, baked goods, jelly, hard candy, soft candy, etc.
(2) Antifreeze: Polydextrose can reduce the freezing point of food, especially suitable for making delicious creamy frozen confections to obtain the desired hardness.
(3) Low temperature protective agent: Polydextrose can be used to refrigerate fish, meat products, to protect food from the damaging physical effects of freezing.
(4) Anti-corrosion preservation, high osmotic pressure: Polydextrose solution can maintain a high level of soluble solids, reducing water activity.
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