Polysorbate 20 Tween 20 CAS 9005-64-5 E432

  • CAS No.: 9005-64-5
  • Type.: Emulsifier
  • Appearance: Light yellow to yellow clear liquid
  • Molecular Formula: C26H50O10
  • Shelf Life: -
  • Min Order Quantity: 500kg
  • Specification
  • Application
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Parameters Unit Standard Value
Acid value mg KOH/g ≤2.0
Saponification value mg KOH/g 40~50
Hydroxyl value mg KOH/g 96~108
Moisture w/% ≤3.0
Residue on ignition w/% ≤0.25
Pb mg/kg ≤2
Oxyethylene w/% 70.0~74.0
Arsenic mg/kg ≤3
Pb mg/kg ≤2
Polysorbate 20 is a common fragrance and essential oil solublizer as well as an emulsifying agent. It is soluble in water and alcohol and insoluble in oils. It is typically a co-emulsifier that is used both as a viscosity modifier and a dispersing agent.

Polysorbate 20 IN COSMETICS: Used in a variety of cosmetic products including body washes, hair shampoos, bath bombs, lotions, creams, bath oils, baby oils, skin fresheners, skin care products, skin cleansing products, makeup bases, & foundations and fragrance powders.

WHY IS Polysorbate 20  SO POPULAR? Polysorbate 20  is a commonly used additive that acts as an emulsifier, a defoaming agent, a dispersing agent, a surfactant, a wetting agent, an adjuvant and/or a stabilizer

Polysorbate 20  USED TO MIX HEAVIER OILS: Polysorbate 20 is used to mix heavier oils, such as sunflower oil, olive oil, argan oil, etc
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