Agar Powder Food Additive 9002-18-0

  • CAS No.: 9002-18-0
  • Type.: Thickener
  • Appearance: White to light yellow powder
  • Molecular Formula: C14H24O9
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Min Order Quantity: As requirements
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Test Item Standard Results
Appearance From white to light yellow Result
Particle size(mesh) 95% minthru 80 mesh From white to light yellow
Hot water insoluble matter(%) ≤1 80 mesh
Ash(%) ≤4 0.16
Ash(acid-insoluble)(%) ≤0.5 3.15
Gelatin Not detectable ≤0.5
Moisture(%) ≤15 Not detectable
Water absorption(ml) ≤75 10.8
Gelstrength(1.5%w/w, 0.2%KCl) ≥900 Pass muster
Starch testing Iodineblue test is not significant 950
PH level 6~8 Not blue
Heavy metal(countbyPbppm) ≤20 7.22
Lead(ppm) ≤1 Conforms
Arsenic content(ppm) ≤1 <1
Dextrines Not detectable Conforms
Maltodextrine Not detectable Not detectable
Sucrose Not detectable Not detectable
(1) Food Industry: as gelatinizing and stabilizing agent used in candy, jelly, yokan, canned food, ham and sausages. As thickening and stablilizing used in jam, peanut butter, sesame soy. As stablilizing agent used in ice cream, popsicle etc. As stage-defluocculant used in fruit juice and beverage. As clarigying agent used in wine, soy sauce, vinegar.
(2) Lowering blood liquid, expulsion of toxin and beautifying the skin.
(3) Bacterium culturing medium and microorganism carrier etc.
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