Propyl Gallate Supplier 121-79-9

  • CAS No.: 121-79-9
  • Type.: Acidulants
  • Appearance: Powder
  • Molecular Formula: C10H12O5
  • Shelf Life: -
  • Min Order Quantity: -
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Appearance White
Density 1.363g/cm3
Melting Point 146-150ºC
Boiling Point 448.6ºC at 760 mmHg
Flash Point 181.3ºC
Refractive Index 1.5204 (167ºC)
Water Solubility 0.35 g/100 mL (25 ºC)
Stability Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.
Storage Condition 0-6ºC

(1) Propyl Gallate is used ss pharmaceutical raw materials for clearing heat, anti-inflammation and so on, it is mainly used in pharmaceutical field;
(2) As the raw material of product for benefiting stomach, increasing energy and boosting the immunity, Propyl Gallate is also widely used in health industry;

(3) Applied in food field, it can be produced into wine, canned, condensed juice and other more nourishment;

(4) As active ingredients of skin care products, Propyl Gallate is mainly used in cosmetic industry.

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