Best Price Soya Lecithin Liquid/Powder NO-GMO

  • CAS No.: 8002-43-5
  • Type.: Emulsifiers, Nutrition Enhancers
  • Appearance: Liquid/Powder
  • Molecular Formula: C42H80NO8P
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years
  • Min Order Quantity: As Requirement
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Items Standard
Appearance Yellow to brown translucent,viscous liquid
Odor little bean flavor
Taste little bean flavor
Specific Gravity, @ 25 °C 1.035-1.045
Insoluble in Acetone ≥60%
Peroxide value, mmol/KG ≤5
Moisture ≤1.0%
Acid value, mg KOH /g ≤28
Color, Gardner 5% 5-8
Viscosity 25℃ 8000- 15000 cps
Ether insoluble ≤0.3%
Toluene/Hexane Insoluble ≤0.3%
Soybean Lecithin is the essence extracted from soybeans. It is also one of the lipid components needed by human body. It is mainly used as emulsifier, moisturizer and thickener in industry. At the same time, Soybean Lecithin also acts as a nutritional supplement. Most importantly, there are other physiological regulatory effects.

(1) Delay aging There are 6 trillion cells that make up the human body. The metabolic process of cells is regulated by the cell membrane. The health of cell membrane is directly related to the self-healing ability, information transmission ability, ability to resist external invasion, cell activity and regeneration ability of cells. The cell membrane is mainly composed of lecithin.

Supplementing lecithin to the human body means that it can repair the damaged cell membrane, improve the function of cell membrane, soften and rejuvenate the cell membrane and increase cell activity. Through the intake of lecithin, we can improve the metabolic ability, self-healing ability and the regeneration ability of antibody tissue, enhance the vitality of human body and fundamentally delay human aging.

(2) Vascular scavenger, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases Lecithin can emulsify and decompose oil, emulsify cholesterol and fat attached to the blood vessel wall into particles, dissolve them in the blood, transport them back to the liver and be metabolized. It can soften blood vessels, improve serum lipids and remove peroxides, reduce the content of cholesterol and fat in blood, so as to reduce blood viscosity, improve blood circulation and reduce the retention time of fat in blood vessels.

(3) Strengthening brain and intelligence, preventing senile dementia. Lecithin can provide sufficient nourishment for brain nerve cells and speed up the information transmission between brain nerves, so as to improve brain vitality, eliminate brain fatigue, make brain thinking agile and improve learning and work efficiency. Lecithin can maintain the normal function of brain nerve cells and enhance the function of brain nervous system, so as to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

(4) The patron saint of the liver Heavy drinking or excessive nutrition will increase the burden of liver cells and reduce the ability of liver to synthesize phospholipids. When there is insufficient phosphatidylcholine in the human body, it will lead to a large accumulation of fat in the liver, form fatty liver, destroy liver cells, reduce liver function, and cause liver cirrhosis and even liver cancer. It is scientifically proved that supplementing lecithin can enhance the material metabolism of hepatocytes, promote fat degradation, protect the liver and prevent the occurrence of fatty liver and other diseases.

(5) Nutrition for diabetics Lecithin can enhance pancreatic function, repair pancreatic cells, make it secrete adequate insulin, reduce blood sugar, effectively transport glucose in the blood to cells, thereby reducing the condition of diabetes.

(6) The main component of biofilm is the indispensable basic material of human body Lecithin can promote mental conduction and improve brain vitality. Due to its good emulsifying property, lecithin can effectively prevent cholesterol from precipitating on the blood vessel wall and remove part of the sediment, so as to reduce serum cholesterol, reduce blood viscosity, promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, regular consumption of products containing soybean Lecithin soft phospholipids can effectively regulate blood lipids and cholesterol, improve brain function, improve memory and prevent the occurrence of various diseases.
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