High Quality Carbomer 940 In Stock 9007-20-9

  • CAS No.: 9007-20-9
  • Type.: Thickeners
  • Appearance: Off-white powder
  • Molecular Formula: C15H17ClO3
  • Shelf Life: -
  • Min Order Quantity: -
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Items Specifications Results
Product Name Carbopol * 940
Other Name Carbomer, POLY(ACRYLIC ACID), Carboxypoly-methylene
CAS No. 9007-20-9
Appearance White or off-white powder Off-white powder
Identification A yellow color is produced. Conforms
A very viscous gel is produced. Conforms
Colorimetric test Conforms
Heavy metals NMT 20 mg/g Conforms
Acceptance criteria NMT 0.5% Conforms
Viscodity-Rotational 40,000-60,000 mPa • s 58500
Loss on drying NMT 2.0% 0.2%
Residue on ignition NMT 0.50% 0.09%
Assay 56.0%-68.0% on the dried basis 67%
Conclusion The product tested complies with to the USP 40 Standard
Storage and packaging Preserve in tight containers. No storage requirements
(1) Carbomer is used as scale inhibitor and dispersant in industrial water treatment, and can also be used as pre-drinking water treatment. Carbomer  is used in the preparation of alumina to separate red mud.
(2) In the chlor-alkali plant, Carbomer can be used for refining brine, and is mostly used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Carbomer used in making ointments can promote the absorption of Botrytis cinerea, and can also be used for controlled release of drugs. Carbomer is also used in toothpaste as a thickener and binder, and can be used with other polymers.
(3) Carbomer is used in the preparation of leather and some high-grade goods as a finishing agent, which can enhance the bending resistance, extensibility, light resistance, aging resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance of leather, and is used to modify grain leather with pigment paste. The main modified film former.
(4) Carbomer is also widely used in paper and textile, printing and dyeing, ceramics, coatings, chemicals, fertilizers, power generation and other industries.
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