Sodium Propionate For Sale 137-40-6

  • CAS No.: 137-40-6
  • Type.: Preservative
  • Appearance: White powder
  • Molecular Formula: C3H5NaO2
  • Shelf Life: -
  • Min Order Quantity: -
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Appearance White crystalline powder
Purity(GC,%) 99.0%min
Loss on drying  ≦15%
As ≦2ppm
Pb ≦2ppm
Moisture(%) ≦0.3%
Sulphate Ash(%) ≤0.1
(1) Sodium Propionate is used as a food preservative. Sodium Propionate is used primarily as a mold inhibitor in bakery products.
(2) Used as cosmetic preservatives. Sodium Propionate is used for mold, yeast and a wide range of antibacterial effects. The antibacterial effect is particularly obvious in acid solution. The amount of add in cosmetics is usually not more than 2%.
(3) Insecticides and fungicides. Determination of transaminase. Sodium Propionate is used as a masking agent in leather making to improve the alkali resistance and tanning uniformity of leather.
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