Monocaprylin/Glyceryl Caprylate

  • CAS No.: 26402-26-6
  • Type.: Preservative
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Molecular Formula: C11H22O4
  • Shelf Life:
  • Min Order Quantity: As requirements
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Item Specification Result
Color Colorless or light yellow liquid
Odor Tasteless Conformed
Status Liquid Conformed
Acidity (As KOH, mg/g) ≤5.0 3.42
Iodine value, g/100g ≤2.0 1.02
Saponification value (As KOH, mg/g) 250-270 255
As (mg/kg) ≤3 Conformed
Pb (mg/kg) ≤2 Conformed
Conclusion Conformed
(1) Glyceryl caprylate is a new type of non-toxic, highly effective and broad-spectrum preservative. It has inhibitory effects on gram bacteria, molds and yeasts.
(2) In meat products, glyceryl caprylate with a concentration of 0.05% to 0.06% can completely inhibit bacteria, mold and yeast;
(3) Using 0.04% glyceryl caprylate in raw noodles, the shelf life is increased from 2 days to 4 days compared with the control group;
(4) Glyceryl caprylate can also be used in lactone tofu.
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